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Bring to the table a great passion

"The great flavours of Italian tradition
come back to life in the dishes
of “La Cucina di Bologna”, which are
all prepared respecting the original recipes

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La Cucina di Bologna -
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"A great dose of passion, a pinch of
creativity and….a dash of pride

These are the ingredients of "La Cucina di Bologna"

The quality of the basic products is the main ingredient of our work: each reference and each recipe of “La Cucina di Bologna” is based on natural products that are selected with great care and special attention to their origin.
The secret of our success lies also in the experience and skill of our chefs, continues with the baking and freezing techniques, the packaging and shipping methods, the achievement of the quality approvals and the strict maintenance of the cold chain. All this maintains the quality and wholesomeness of our products intact and offers the consumer a tasty, genuine and totally safe dish in just a few minutes
Taste is important but so is health.

traditional recipes of italian cuisine, frozen food and catering

traditional recipes of italian cuisine pasta dishes

"Typical and new recipes to
enjoy a new choiche every day

An hold tradition that comes back to life in just a few minutes

"La Cucina di Bologna" offers the best recipes of Italian tradition to satisfy millions of consumers each day.
Over 50 references, which not only include first course dishes but also second course dishes, side dishes and snacks, to better satisfy the new trends of modern customers, who are rightfully demanding and very careful about the quality of what they eat, and above all who want to choose from a wide variety.
In practical and handy packs, our products are ready to be served straight to the customer after a quick preparation in the microwave, in the pan or in the traditional oven.
In just a few minutes, the tastiness and wholesomeness of recipes skilfully handed down from generations of experts in the art of cuisine are rediscovered.

"It takes great experience to
keep up with modern needs

A healthy, dynamic and innovative company

In just a few years we have acquired a leading position in the Italian and international market of frozen fast food dishes.  From cafes to snack-bars and small catering facilities, the brand "La Cucina di Bologna" is known for the quality of its products, the strict application of hygiene standards and the efficiency of its customer service.
The strict control of the productive chain is an additional guarantee of "the continuity in the excellence", as proven by the quality certificates obtained: IFS, BRC for the benefit of our customers.
With the recent introduction of the I.Q.F. system, to back-up the classic freezing method, "La Cucina di Bologna" is already heading towards the future of modern catering.
The versatility of the production technologies means that we can satisfy a wide range of customised requests.

food quality uni en iso 9001:2000 certificated food quality certificate iso 9001:2000 food quality certification IFS international food standard food quality certification BRC4 BRC Global Standard Food

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traditional recipes of italian cuisine frozen food
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